Who We Are



It began with a simple question: Why can't we come up with a safe alternative to traditional insect repellents? That launched a seven-year quest all over the world. Along the way we found catnip, whose health benefits and medicinal qualities have been known for centuries.

Nepeta cataria, commonly known as catnip

What we discovered is that only catnip contains nepetalactone-a substance with a natural talent for warding off bugs. When extracted as an essential oil and hydrogenated, nepetalactone provides long-lasting, reliable protection against mosquitoes and black files.

Entomol® was founded to bring this essential oil product to market in potent, safe, yet affordable products. Our patented hydrogenation process actually enhances the natural insect repelling qualities of catnip-in a formulation with a pleasant aroma and gentle skin feel.

After extensive testing — and passing the strict requirements of the U.S. EPA — Entomol is proven effective protection that's safe for the whole family. And unlike some other chemical repellents, it is safe to reapply as needed.

As a socially-conscious company - Entomol is committed to working directly with growers to develop non-toxic products that protect people from insects that may carry diseases. We also want to hear from you - please share your experience with Entomol on our contact page. Together we can change the way we all enjoy the great outdoors.