Yes! Our 2oz bottles meet TSA requirements for liquid containers in carry-on luggage. Always put your toiletries in zip lock bags whether in carry-on or checked luggage.

The best protection from insect borne disease(s) is when protection is with you. How many times have you been somewhere with mosquitoes and left the family size bottle at home? The big bottles are hard to carry all the time. We wanted a product that could slip into the purse, backpack, carry-on or fly vest so you have what you need all the time.

Yes you do. Catnip is called catmint in most of the world. It is a member of the mint family. When you spray it on you’ll first smell the alcohol flash in the formulation, you may feel a brief warmth from the alcohol as well. Then the pleasant minty smell is left. Great protection and a much better smelling outcome than most chemical sprays.

A 2oz bottle of Entomol provides multiple applications on exposed skin for an average adult. There are a lot of variables depending on how much you need it during a day. We recommend carrying one bottle per adult for a 7-day trip.

This question comes up often. Catnip in the flower or 100% pure oil forms are only interesting to 40% of the cats out there. Our formulations are in low percentages, and the way we process the oil also changes the part of the oil that interests them. Your cat may notice, possibly, but you won’t become a cat toy.

Catnip oil does have some repellent properties, but much less than our hydrogenated catnip active ingredient. It is also caustic to the skin for most people and smells bad. We have enhanced the natural properties of catnip and have a nice minty smelling product that is gentle on skin and works as well as the best products made in a chemical plant. We just start with nature's plant and improve it.

The other registered chemical repellents are mixed up in a factory, then bottled. A very easy and inexpensive way to make the product. We have to start from seed, wait 5 months for harvest, extract the oil, hydrogenate it, then formulate the end product for the bottle. This is the process you have to follow when working with nature and why it takes more effort and cost to produce our product. But it is how you make a safe, effective essential oil repellent.

While the efficacy of most products declines over time, Entomol’s stable formulation remains effective for extended lengths of time. Entomol will retain its effectiveness for more than one season.

We recommend washing your hands if you will be handling food but Entomol is safe for the entire family.

Entomol HCO is our patented essential oil extracted and hydrogenated from the catnip plant. Entomol 4 contains 7% Entomol HCO and Entomol 7 contains 15% Entomol HCO.

Not at this time. This is the only retail outlet for sales. All orders must be placed through our web site. That will change in the future as we add stores and other outlets to our network.

If you receive a damaged bottle in shipment, please let us know. Send us a photo of the box and bottle, and the receipt and we will send a replacement. See shipping in Customer Service.