7-hour protection against biting bugs
2 fl oz per bottle, easy to carry size
Up to 47 hours mosquitoes
Up to 7 hours black flies

Safe and effective protection for the whole family.
Long-lasting insect repellent derived from essential oil. Safe for the whole family. Never oily, greasy or sticky — feels good on your skin. Convenient size makes it easy to never be without; slip in purse, backpack, carry-on, or fly vest. Fully tested for safety, efficacy and registered under the strict guidelines of the EPA.

Sold in & shipped to all US States and Washington DC.

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  • checkLong lasting
  • checkWon't stain
  • checkPleasant smelling
  • checkGentle formula
  • checkDeet-free
  • checkPlant-based
  • checkNon-synthetic


“I've been using Entomol for a couple of months with my kids. We have a big problem here in the summer with mosquitoes in our back yard. Entomol worked great on my kids and they love the minty smell. I will definitely keep using the product and recommend it to others.” GESSICA, GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA
“We took Entomol 4 with us on our week-long kayaking trip in the Florida Everglades. It provided effective protection, with reapplication about every four hours, in both the beach campsites and mangrove swamps, which are infested with mosquitoes.” ALLEN, ATLANTA, GA
“I figured what better place to test Entomol’s effectiveness than to bring it to the Costa Rican rainforest. The product worked wonderfully with mosquitoes.” ROBERT, ATLANTA, GA
"We went to the Peruvian rainforest during the rainy season, which is usually the worst time of year for mosquitoes. Entomol worked amazingly well and it felt so good putting this essential oil product on my skin." ALAN, MT.SHASTA, CA
"One of our children has eczema so severe on his arms and legs that we have to purchase very expensive special body wash and laundry detergent. Until Entomol, the only effective mosquito protection we could use was DEET-based on his clothes, and even then his skin would flare up. We were shocked to find that Entomol did not burn or bother his skin and kept the mosquitoes away." REBECCA, NASHVILLE, TN